16 September, 2014

WooHoo NLNL (No Lights No Lycra) have a schmik web page
Who will organise the first alopecia NLNL??


No Lights No Lycra is an dance community that started in Melbourne by unruly dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett in 2009. There is no light, no lycra, no teacher, no steps to learn, no technique, just free movement. NLNL is a space where you can completely let go, shake out the stresses of the week, and lose yourself in the music and the physicality of your body. NLNL is a daggy, non-pretentious place to completely be yourself.

Ditching self consciousness - Another alopeciology skill!

No Lights No Lycra - a dance craze started in East Brunswick, Oz now has 42 communities around the world.   http://ab.co/1wwDOzj

"For many of us, the idea of dancing in public is terrifying. The only time we will bust out some real moves is at home in our living rooms, when no-one can see.
But now there is a space where you can do just that, but in the company of others, because the lights are switched off". Perfect activity for the less 'out there' amongst us, age-friendly, no alcohol mayhem.

Watch the program http://ab.co/1oSmWv7


14 September, 2014

'Pretty Bald' a nude fundraising calendar

Fundraising nude calendars which seem a very British creation, are really popular. In 2008 it was estimated that somewhere around 6000 have been made. 'Pretty Bald', the alopecia nude calendar just released in the UK has raised thousands of pounds for the UK charity Alopecia UK

In 2008 The Daily Telegraph reported some research http://bit.ly/1wkmqe5 by Dr Pamela Turton-Turner, of the University of Tasmania. 
Her research suggested the most successful calendars are funny, the naked bodies sanitised rather than erotic, and the public must regard the charity as worthy.  She notes one of the failures was the Australian Matilda's 2000 soccer team calendar, because the images were too sexually explicit.

Did the UK calendar hit the mark? You can buy a copy for 10 Pounds from the Pretty Bald webpage http://www.prettybald.co.uk/the-calendar/ .