28 October, 2014

Self compassion and mindfulness

Have you ever wondered when thinking about the emotional and psychological implications of losing your hair, how a psychologist with alopecia would deal with it? Well, Dr Cheree Hammond has shared her perspective.  She teaches counselling and mindfulness at a US university and this is a lovely and thought provoking endorsement of the value of self compassion and mindfulness in creating an emotional environment which promotes the positive and creates valuable learning.

A great article! Read more https://bit.ly/2JBrZVL

20 October, 2014

Battling Alopecia Areata

A great article "Battling Alopecia Areata", with this confronting photo on the cover is definitely worth a read. The whole issue of 'Dermatology World' (4Mb), published in 2012 by the American Academy of Dermatology (aad.org), needs to be downloaded. The relevant article starts on page 14.

17 October, 2014

News items on Alopecia UK

Three informative news items from the Alopecia UK website.
  • Joanna Rowsell is now and ambassador for them and is supporting the Priority Setting Partnership conducted by the James Lind Alliance
  • Changing Faces have run a workshop for parents and included parents whose child has alopecia
  • The charity calendar featuring bare naked alopecia ladies has gone gangbusters! 
Pay Alopecia UK a visit, their link is on our Blogroll at right.

11 October, 2014

Face Your Fears: A useful skill for all aspiring alopeciologists!

'Changing Faces' and the British Skin Foundation have joined forces to run "FACE YOUR FEARS" week in the UK 13th to 20th October.
Given the fears that dog people with alopecia in social situations, what activities might help us face that fear and master an important skill?


08 October, 2014

Julie Gale stands up for more empathy for why a woman may be wearing head covering

Herald Sun photo by Mike Keating

Oh dear oh dear oh dear...common sense prevails but not without first embarrassing a woman wearing a scarf entering a courtroom in Melbourne. What's really disappointing are many of the comments from readers. Still they picked the wrong woman to humiliate, she has well and truly stood up for questioning a gross insensitivity...This is a skilled woman in the best sense of alopeciology.
A good example of the need for some public education about the experience of losing your hair!        http://bit.ly/1vOvR70

06 October, 2014

Changing Faces is a not for profit organisation in the UK which supports people who look different whether from a trauma or a medical condition. They have just released a report "Look at Me" which urges the UK National Health service to pay more attention to the psychosocial aspects of dermatology care. You can read the report here

                         or visit their web page for info about the report and the issues it covers