What is ‘alopeciology’?

Alopeciology is about wellbeing promotion and cultivating of 'the art of living with alopecia'.

The first use of the term ‘alopeciologist’ probably comes from a 2012 course for doctors in Canada, “Basic Skills for the Developing Alopeciologist" which was conducted by Dr Jeff Donovan, a dermatologist. What a great word! But who better to be experts in alopecia, than the people who live the experience every day?

Wikipedia tells us that ‘ology’ is used to name a science or a body of knowledge, such as 'theology' or 'sociology'. Alopeciology is a great word to identify the expertise that people with alopecia develop. 'Alopeciology' focuses on mastering the knowledge and skills needed for living with alopecia.  So, welcome to alopeciology we cover useful knowledge and skills to build your practice, whether it’s knowing about alopecia and confidently explaining to someone else or developing skills like mindfulness and stress reduction.

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