13 August, 2015

Alopecia Portraits: Who and what is in the frame?

Some statistics for the images in the 3 alopecia galleries by photographers Sigga Ella, Daniel Regan and Anthony Griffin

Images show (approximately)
Female subjects 95%
Head and shoulders only 100%
Eyes open 52%
Smiling 5%
Clothing barely visible or not visible: 60%
Over 50 years old (estimated):20%

In visual terms, if these galleries represent a developing genre of alopecia portraits I think this is a reasonable description of the style,

"Virtually all will be young caucasian women under 50, head and shoulders only will be shown, and fewer than half will be shown wearing clothing, only about half the subjects will return the camera's gaze and very few will smile".

I hope that if we see more alopecia portrait galleries that we can see a less passive subject and know a little more about them visually and in text.


  1. Female subjects: Could specifically around women and slightly broader then alopecia;
    Head and shoulders only: Portraits;
    Eyes open: All in one of the referenced works;
    Smiling: Not necessarily typical in and of portraiture;
    Clothing barely visible or not visible: Often aesthetically distracting, inconsistent, etc.
    Over 50 years old: Depended on willing participants, with no age restrictions.