12 February, 2016

Zarleen Blakeley's approach to portraiture "I'm not my hair"

Zarleen's self portrait (used with permission)

Zarleen is an Australian photographer who has demonstrated an alternative wholistic approach to presenting portraits of women who for various reasons have lost their hair. Her project “I'm not my hair” is a '.....portrait series of women who have a hair loss condition but are not defining themselves by it'

This is an empathic and humane visual communication of the hair loss experience. We know these women from what they tell us because the photographer has encouraged them to co-create their image and to communicate more than their hair loss appearance, in marked contrast with more clinical approaches.

To quote the photographer :

The series depicts how they are more than their hair and shows each person in an environment where they're enjoying something they're passionate about, including music, books, road-tripping and photography!"
See the portraits on Facebook  http://on.fb.me/1Vwlnny


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